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Saturday 6 January 2024

"..the time is AT HAND"..

(This has long been in my drafts pile awaiting my attention, sorry for quiet in 2023, DV will do better in 2024 🙏)

Greatly enjoying a series of messages by Pastor Peter Mitchell, from the Book of Daniel.

The Seventy Weeks Explained and Applied.
Today we need to drink deeply of the Word of God, not skim across the surface, but the meat of the Word. I've read through the bible every year for more than five decades, loving Genesis again in past week.
It's most important to live in here and now from a BIBLICAL PERSPECTIVE... not simply a world perspective. 
Satan is the Prince and Power of the air of this world, the Father of lies, and much out there are wild goose chases of half truths to distract us from God's Holy Truth.  
Reading through the book of Revelation, a chapter each day, as well my 4 chapters to read bible through is something I'm doing as it  is most needful I believe.
Revelation shows us clearly, explicitly what is ahead. 
Except for chapters 1-3 (the epistles to the 7 churches) there is no reference to the church after that! Why? Because the church is not there in the Tribulation. 
Except for chp 21-22 on new heavens & new earth vision, the central theme of chapters 4 to 20 is the Great Tribulation, and it's viewed by those in heaven (Rev 6:10) but the church is not mentioned = not there on earth.  
If you really want to up to date knowing on things, you need to know Revelation very well.
 Especially because there's an imminent return for Jesus promised in Rev 22:20, ".. surely I come QUICKLY".
 God so much wants US TO KNOW it well, He promised this BLESSING (only book to begin thus and contain such a promise): 
"Blessed is he that READETH,  
and they that HEAR the words of this prophecy,  
and KEEP those things which are written therein:  for the TIME IS AT HAND." Rev 1:3 
 If I dont know these words in Revelation, how can I keep them?  
How can I pray accurately for the lost around me?
 If I dont have the VISION of THESE PEOPLE'S FUTURE WITHOUT Christ, how can I be truly accurate or have urgency in my prayers?  
Where there is no vision the people perish. Prov 29:18 
In Rev. 6:8 1/4 of world's pop has been slain = 3/12 
By Rev 9:7 1/3 slain = 4/12  
By near midpoint of Tribulation then 7/12 of all the people you can see around you, ie more than half have been killed!!
A 1/4 of sun, moon, stars are darkened Rev. 6:13, 8:12. With unbelievable catastrophic events of mountain ranges flattened, islands disappear Rev 6:14,  with earthquakes like never before! Australia will suffer much in that time as will US I believe and many heavily populated areas. It's hard to grasp really but much prayer is needed. 🙏🙏🙏
ONE GREAT JOY - there is also the greatest time of widespread evangelism starting in Israel, as God's chosen people (see Rev.7) are won to know the LORD Jesus Christ, this greatly encourages me and we must pray fervently for its success especially for those who are currently unsaved whom we love.
May we regularly READ REVELATION, heed its warnings for all around us. May we pray for a real fervency for all around us, who are so blind on this matter.
And so earnestly, fervently PRAY it's truth to be revealed to many !
God bless you all who've taken time to read this post..

AND thanks you so much if you are able to comment.

Love in Him, 🙏🤗

Shaz in Oz.x 

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Anne said...

This is such a timely post, a good study foundation for Revelation. It is something that I am planning for this year, within the next two weeks. No time for delay! Revelation is good news, despite the horror and strange imagery! We tend to be put off by that and don't look for the good news, as you stated! I am beginning to realise how important this book is,even though I have read it each year! I am going to listen to the sermon on seventy weeks right now! Thanks Sis.

Martha Jane Orlando said...

You've convinced me here, Shaz, of the necessity to become intimately familiar with the Book of Revelation. Thank you! I will be praying with you, my friend.

Grandmabeckyl.blogspot said...

It's a good post you wrote with sharing Revelation and what will happen. It took me awhile to really read very much. I do understand it more and there's a class at church that I missed last Sunday. I will read it as well. We'll be at home on Sunday as the weather is freezing and there is snow and ice. I am grateful to have electricity and mostly warm house even though it's 18 degrees F. Cozy night sleep though, I need to finish reading Undaunted book by Christine Caine. She does good podcasts and books. Found a good one that is God based at the library on Friday morning. But other book needs finished first. I did send you a card on Monday and hope it arrives at your house soon. Hugs and blessings my friend!!!===Becky

Cheryl said...

I love reading your thoughts, dear friend. I keep your posts in my inbox until I have time to fully absorb them like they deserve. I hope your health is improving. It impresses me so much that you have read the Bible through each year for 50 years! You are such a great example to us all. I want to know Revelation more and understand what God is saying to us in these perilous times. There is much that I do not understand, but my heart is wide open to Him and I long to understand His Word. May He continually bless you and keep you in His tender care. I send much love to you today.