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Saturday 2 March 2019

BE STILL and Know that I am God.

Hi there dear ones. I am sorry for silence. I'm in a waiting on the Lord stage at the moment.. some things in my life are 'twixt and 'tween. So a post, topic or direction has not been clearly laid upon my heart. 
I will however share just a few thoughts from verses that have blessed as I wait.
I shared the first one on my crafty blog post on Wednesday. 
Let's just think upon this verse for a moment. A cow chews it's cud to aid good digestion through its various stomachs. We need to chew the word to see the length, depth and breadth of what our Lord has for us. 
BE STILL - Who is good at this? 
I'm not. I'm a fidget.. one of those staring out window, feet swinging children. I take notes in church because of my very short attention span! 
I must BE STILL. WHY?? 'cos if I don't I'll miss the whole point... 
The WHY of Be Still?
.. AND KNOW THAT I AM GOD. There's the "I AM" of Exodus, and Moses at the burning bush. I should think Moses stood still in shock at that sight! He had some inkling that this was God..  but what a path God was taking him he had NO idea!!
As I said in my Wednesday craft blog post I've realised:
Being still = Waiting.... on God. 
This is one of the hardest lessons I've ever had to learn. I've been saved over 50 years and I'm still not getting any better at it. However I have learned..
** there is total PEACE in WAITING. 
When its Waiting on the Lord God, the King of Glory. 
He will show you, me, us the next step when He thinks we are ready for it. 
For in essence He our Living, Loving Father God is waiting on us... to be ready.. right in attitude of heart and mind. let us recall that our God whom we love and serve is ALMIGHTY! 
He is Able! 
We must wait and He will shew forth His power.. and say to the storm "Peace Be Still."
That's real FAITH believing, waiting, resting .. a favourite passage is Psalm 37 and I will close with it. Psalm 37: 3 - 7 
This hymn below is a real favourite of mine.. 
'Til the Storm Passes Over. Also love the Mennonite alcapela singing.. so God honouring. 😊
God is good and I pray these beautiful words bless you. If it blesses you please let me know in a comment.
Prayer hugs Shaz in Oz.x
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Anne (cornucopia) said...

Wonderful quotes.

Tesse said...

I have very fond memories of this lovely hymn! Thank you for sharing and God bless you!

Conniecrafter said...

I am usually a pretty patient person in most cases, it is when the waiting turns to years and you wonder is that really God's intentions to have things go this way, or am I not hearing what he is telling me, that is where the faith and trust comes in because he knows all things and it isn't always just about me there are so many others involved.

CherylQuilts said...

Oh, precious Shaz, what a beautiful post and one that is clearly from your heart! I love this verse from Psalm and struggle with being still and waiting, but we know that's what God calls us to do often. And I love that in those still moments, He guides our hearts and comforts and encourages us. Thank you for your words, the Scripture, and also for sharing the video of the beautiful hymn that I've never heard of behind. It's so beautifully sung with wonderful words. Thank you! Sending hugs and love, sweet friend! xoxo

Betsy said...

Thank you for sharing with us Shaz. I am a fidget and fiddle person too. I have a horrible time being patient and always have had. What is that saying? Hurry up and wait. That’s me. We’re in a waiting stage right now, wondering what and where God wants us. It’s not easy for me and I pray for patience often. Thank you for sharing with us today my friend.
Blessings, Betsy