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Saturday, 31 July 2021

.. yet a little while - Watch unto Prayer

A day seems more fleeting the longer we live,.

We need to daily live in the light of:

 “Perhaps today,” yes, dear ones, perhaps today!

Glory! the Lord will return for His own. 

Oh, yes, to catch us up together in the air to be with HIM!

THEN we which are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds, to meet the Lord in the air: and so shall we ever o be with the Lord. 1 Thess 4:17

This excerpt below from Daily Light meditates on this. 

Brethren, the time is short. I Cor. 7:29

Man that is born of a woman is of few days, and full of trouble. He cometh forth like a flower, and is cut down: he fleeth also as a shadow, and continueth not. Job 14:1, 2

The world passeth away, and the lust thereof: but he that doeth the will of God abideth for ever. I John 2:17

As in Adam all die, even so in Christ shall all be made alive. Death is swallowed up in victory. I Cor. 15:22, 54

Whether we live, we live unto the Lord; and whether we die, we die unto the Lord: whether we live therefore, or die, we are the Lord's, Rom. 14:8

To live is Christ, and to die is gain. Phil. 1:21

Cast not away . . . your confidence, which hath great recompence of reward. For ye have need of patience, that, after ye have done the will of God, ye might receive the promise. For yet a little while, and he that shall come will come, and will not tarry. Heb. 10:35-37

The night is far spent, the day is at hand: let us therefore cast off the works of darkness, and let us put on the armour of light. Rom. 13:12

The end of all things is at hand: be ye therefore sober, and watch unto prayer. I Pet. 4:7

How precious is the theme carried through these verses, starting with "the time is short "...
To "The end of all things is at hand: be ye therefore sober, and watch unto prayer."
Prayer something I'm doing more these days, which is why I’m not blogging much.

*** We're the watchmen of the night, dear ones!

The very MOST important thing, (apart from sharing the gospel) which we can do is “watch unto prayer”!

Oh, may our loving Heavenly Father help us to be truly serving, watching unto prayer.
As I started to read, Heb 10:37 flashed into my mind..  marvellous, there it was!
Who else but God?
I've  Hebrews on CD, listened to it hundreds of times. Played once or twice a night in sleepless patches.

Verse 37 is my current joy:
".. a little while,
 and he that shall come 
will come, 
and will not tarry."
Amen! Glory! hallelujah! 

Even so come, Lord Jesus!

Link here, if not showing 

Isn't that thrilling.. a little while!

Yet a day with the lord is as a thousand years, and a thousand years as a day. It's been two thousand years, so it must be soon! Soon, Lord Jesus.

Thanks to all who pop across to read this blog and Thank YOU, too if you’re able to leave some love and encouragement.
Prayer hugs,๐Ÿ™๐Ÿค—
Shaz in Oz. X

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Martha Jane Orlando said...

Such words of hope, comfort and promise you've shared in these scriptures, Shaz. Yes, let us stay steadfast in prayer, knowing that Jesus will return for His own.

Sunshine Country said...

It was such an encouragement to see this post from you today. Thank you dear sister! It came at a time for me when I needed very much the reminder to think on the Lord's Word rather than my personal struggles.

Crafting With Jack said...

Come Lord Jesus, Come. May we be ready always, for no one knows the day or the hour x Angela

Grandmabeckyl.blogspot said...

Good post my friend! Even with the hard times we are going through right now, is Jesus coming soon? One never knows! We need to stay strong in faith of our God daily! I enjoyed the song you shared. Friday afternoon there was a cloud close to the sun and it looked like an angel. I looked away then saw it again, with my hand over my eyebrows to keep sun from getting into my eyes. Then a minute later the cloud disintegrated into nothing characteristic! My daughter asked me if the angel had a trumpet. No! Someday soon! Thanks for your encouragement and sharing God's word! Have a blessed week!,,,Becky

Anne said...

I just love that hymn, it is the first time that I have heard it. It is so encouraging! Romans 14:8 is so powerful and Phil.1:21 helps us focus. A great postmon amie, thank you!

CherylQuilts said...

Dearest Shaz, thank you as always for your encouraging posts here. Yet a little while.... Oh how true, but at times it feels so much longer. When we suffer, we know that we can endure only in the strength of Jesus. Praise God that I am His and He is mine! Love and hugs and praying for you, dear friend and sis! xoxo

kiwimeskreations said...

Oh how this has resonated with me Shaz - to praise, pray and watch, and live a life that is God honouring!
Stay safe precious sister